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Anand Killi

Professional Web Developer (Adobe AEM)

Proudly announcing...TechMYStyle

It feels good to do spend the time on thing we love...Watching a movie, chatting with a dear friend, biting on your favorite snack or working on getting those abs ripped that you have been dreaming for years. I love being with technology. Learn, play, use, teach or DO Technology. While I was youtubing a lot to learn about PC building, I have come across some great content creator in youTube (we call them Tech Tubers!) who inspired me. I may not be a great addition here but though it would be cool to make videos of what I do and upload them to my own youtube channel. Who knows, there could be one or two who can benefit.

So, here it comes...my very own youtube channel to talk about Tech in my life, TechMYStyle. Pretty cool han! I definitely wanted "Tech" in the name but not a lot of names out there that are not taken yet. So be it, TechMYStyle.

YouTube is a great platform to learn and share. People create videos about wide variety of things. Cooking, biking, repairs, shopping, makeup, cocktails, pranks, series, short films, singing, dressing, cleaning, how tos, how Not tos and the list never ends. We can post videos about things we are good at, things that others can benefit from, things other can be entertained from. If you got some talent that people would be interested in, you are a youtube star.

It's not only giving back your time and knowledge to the community but you can make some good money (few million dollars for example, yes...I am serious) if there are thousands of people who like your work and are coming back again and again to check your latest content. It’s a win win. You will have fun making videos about stuff you like, viewers watch your videos to learn or get entertained, advertisers pay youtube for the hits they got and youtube pays you back.

There are many other ways you can make money in youtube. However, my intention of creating a channel is not to pick this as my career. I wanted to take part of this beautiful platform and contribute something. Viewers and time will decide how far I can take this initiation. Until a time you can find me in NEWS :), take a moment to check my work here and provide your valuable feedback