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Anand Killi

Professional Web Developer (Adobe AEM)


That's why we create personal websites

Hi there, I'm Anand Killi working as an AEM architect. I'm from Andhra Pradesh, a southern state of India. I hold masters in Computer applications and have 9.5 years of experience in IT with CQ5/AEM being the major. 

Even since I have gone through the first lesson on C programming language in my graduation, computers became my thing (Electronics used to be my thing before this). I enjoyed designing algorithms to solve problems and converting the logic into code and see it working. I got more and more passionate towards coding and never looked back. I spent all my time after collage in doing small projects with my buddy coders. I couldn't do the same in my masters as the curriculum is extremely tight and it took everything to complete it with a decent percentage.

 I like to keep myself occupied with some or the other thing that makes me happy. Watching movies, watching anime series, drawing my favorite cartoon characters, writing songs, photography, martial arts, working out, travelling, camping, kayaking, online shopping, playing games, writing skits, acting, dancing, partying with friends, gambling...I think I covered most of my favorite things.

I am good at some and had hard time picking few, whatever the case, I loved spending time on those.  Recently I got attracted to home automation and youtubing. I am following a lot of Tech news in youtube and started my own channel named techmystyle to create some content as well. For home automation, started playing with single board computers like Arduino and C.H.I.P.